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We are a ministry-inspected residential and day school with 70 years of service.

Established in 1952, Great Lakes Christian High School (GLCHS), formerly Great Lakes Christian College (GLCC), has been serving students with a quality Christian education for over seven decades.

Initially located in Senator Gibson’s former home in Beamsville, Ontario, the school has undergone significant expansion since its inception. With an initial enrolment of just 14 students in Grades 9 and 10, the institution quickly grew, extending its curriculum to Grades 11 and 12 by 1953, and seeing enrolment rise to 36.

The ensuing years witnessed remarkable growth and diversification. In 1965, College Hall, the main academic building, opened. By 1980, enrolment peaked at 200, a historic high for the school. Through periods of economic uncertainty and even a global pandemic, GLCHS demonstrated resilience, ensuring continuity in service delivery, maintaining steady enrolment, and even expanding into new areas, such as introducing the Great Lakes Christian Preschool in 1996.

In 2008, reflecting the institution’s focus on high school education, GLCC rebranded as GLCHS, a change reflected across all promotional materials. In 2017, GLCHS took a significant technological leap, launching a 1 to 1 program, offering individual computers to all students – a move that proved crucial during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The past few years have seen significant milestones for GLCHS. In 2021, the school completed the Vision 2020 Capital Campaign, bringing key updates to the Ellis Hall and ensuring its accessibility and compliance with modern building codes. By 2022, the school had launched the Clean Air Campaign, improving air circulation and purification in classrooms.

Celebrating 70 years of operation in 2022, GLCHS stands as a testament to Christian education’s enduring value, having served over 3,000 students. As we look to the future, we remain committed to providing a nurturing, Christian-based educational environment for generations to come.

Our Beginnings
1950 – 1959


Great Lakes Christian College (GLCC) is incorporated.


Thirteen acres on the north side of King St. in Beamsville, Ontario are purchased for the school.

Fourteen students are enrolled in Grades 9 and10 at GLCC.

The entire program is run out of the former home of Senator Gibson (built c. 1890).


Grades 11-12 are added; enrolment increases to 36.

Two other buildings are now utilized for the residential program and food services.

The first GLCC Chorus makes its debut, led by Evelyn Perry.

The first annual “Great Lakes Bible Lectureship” is presented.


Huron Hall, originally a student centre and classrooms, is acquired and renovated. This will become the primary boys’ residence until 2002.

1960 – 1979


The Women’s Association for Vital Educational Support (WAVES), a volunteer auxiliary group, is formed. They will raise over $1,000,000 in the next 50 years.


Enrolment exceeds 100.


College Hall, our main academic building, opens.


The Faculty of Bible and Missions, a post-secondary level Bible school, opens on campus.


The “Quonset Hut Athletic Facility” opens.


The first annual Work-A-Thon is held.
Enrolment surpasses 150.


The Tallman “Gymnatorium” opens.

Consolidation and Diversification
1980 – 1999


Enrolment tops 200 for the only time in our history.


After 30 years on staff (23 as President), Geoff Ellis retires.
College Hall is renamed “Ellis Hall” in honour of Geoff and his wife Doreen.


A global recession is keenly felt at Great Lakes, but God’s provision, peoples’ generosity, and good stewardship allows us to continue to serve.

Enrolment dips below 100 for one year.


Our post-secondary Bible college is re-located to Waterloo, Ontario.

Great Lakes Christian Preschool welcomes its first students.

New Horizons
2000 – 2022


GLCC celebrates 50 years of service!

Ontario eliminates “Grade 13”.

Merritt Hall, home to the new Boys’ Dorm and Alumni Student Centre, opens.


More than 3,000 students have attended GLCC for at least one semester.


Great Lakes Christian “High School” (versus“College”) is reflected on all promotional materials.


Reflecting growth and dedicated leadership in their respective programs, GLBC and GLCHS no longer share a President.
Don Rose, President since 2006, becomes the “Chief Administrator” of GLCHS.


Fifty-four year low enrolment of 88 students.


Enrollment increases to 120, a decade high.
After 45 years of service (20 as Principal), Brian Boden retires from administrative duties.


GLCHS completes its most successful financial year.


GLCHS eliminates its computer lab and begins its 1 to 1 program that provides a supported, individual computer to every student.


The Global COVID-19 Pandemic forces students online for their education nine out of the next fifteen academic months.  As a small school with a new technology platform, GLCHS is able to pivot quickly and effectively to meet the new needs.


After many delays due to the pandemic, the Vision 2020 Capital Campaign is completed.  Ellis Hall is now accessible, compliant with contemporary fire and building codes, more effective in its use of space, and has fresh, new face, inside and out.


The Clean Air Campaign finishes what Vision 2020 started: new HVACs in all classrooms to address concerns of air circulation and purification, and to provide more effective and efficient heating and cooling.


Great Lakes Christian High School celebrates 70 years of operation.

Great Lakes Christian High School fosters excellence in education while equipping learners to seek, serve, and become like Christ.

At Great Lakes Christian High School we value:

The person and principles of Jesus Christ and the expectation that both are respected and reflected by all members of the Great Lakes community.

The Bible as God’s inspired Word and instilling a lifelong commitment to its teachings.

A comprehensive education that promotes creative, intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development.

The formation of conscientious citizens.

Our students and their families.

Our relationship with members of Churches of Christ who support and govern our school.

The geographic and Christian community in which we are located.

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