International Admissions

Great Lakes Christian High School (GLCHS) has been welcoming international students to its campus since the late 1960’s.

International students make up about 45% of the GLCHS student body. Come study in our safe, friendly environment as you develop English skills and prepare for higher education.

7-Day residence is available.

If you are interested in living in residence, be sure to indicate your residential preference in the online application.


--- 学习成绩优异
--- 中等以上的英文能力。申请时需提交雅思成绩,或少儿托福(Junior TOEFL),或SLEP成绩(Form 6或以上级别的试卷)
--- 通过我校录取部视频面试


Tim Alexander
International Admissions Director

Tim Alexander manages our International Admissions. He is happy to work with students and families from anywhere in the world. Tim can be reached at 905-563-5374 Ext 888 or by email from our website.  Wechat: Timelcoat  or Line: timalexander  Skype: timelcoat

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