Great Lakes Christian Preschool

At Great Lakes Christian Preschool your child will be nurtured by warm, friendly caregivers in an intellectually and socially enhancing atmosphere.

Here, individuality, creativity and spirituality are encouraged in each young learner. Through play, children have the opportunity to explore, question, observe, try new experiences, and take risks under the guidance of the teachers.

Christian values are interwoven throughout the program.

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Welcome message from
the Preschool Director

After the first day of school Sarah said to her mother, “Hey Mommy, was that JK?” 

“Yes Sarah,” said her mother. 

“Then why didn’t I learn anything?”

Miss Pauline heard the question and replied, “I guess we’re doing a good job!”

Miss Pauline replied, "I guess we're doing a good job!"

For Sarah the day was a day like many others; friends, toys, fun, and lots of activity. However, for her teachers it was much, much more. This was a day for learning cooperation. It was a time to build the foundations for team work, responsibility, and being a good citizen. Following routines provided the first steps toward time management, and the “heavy” task of clean up assisted with the development of organizational skills. 

How much can you really learn at such a young age? Studies indicate that the formative years, from birth to age 6, play a vital role in the formation of intelligence, personality, and social behaviour. If this is at the forefront of our minds and hearts, we will ensure a future of well-being for our children. 

It is my belief that children are a precious gift from God and they have been created with a divine destiny. Children are full of creativity and are extremely inquisitive. I am pleased to lead a preschool where teachers look to the child as author of planning. The teaching and implementation of the program stem from a vast collection of child interests and over 30 years of experiencing how these little people learn.

"It is my belief that children are a precious gift from God..."

It sounds like such a cop-out when one hears a teacher say, “I teach because I love kids!”  Well, please excuse the cop-out because I love children; their families are immensely valued and the well-being of every child is of highest importance. My goal is to partner with parents in their child’s education and social development, and to love their child as if he or she was my own.

I welcome you to join the family at Great Lakes Christian Preschool. As Director, it is my heartfelt desire to inspire children to do GREAT things and have fun while doing it.

Mrs. Heather

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