All students should have their uniform before the first day of school in September. The GLCHS uniform must be worn during the school day.

Families have the option of ordering their uniforms online or purchasing used uniforms on campus.


There are a number of uniform pieces from which students can choose:

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Best Uniform (7)


  • White oxford dress shirt
  • White or navy golf shirt (short sleeves)
  • White or navy polo shirt (long sleeves)
  • Navy knit vest
  • Navy or burgundy pullover sweater
  • Navy zip-up sweater


  • Navy or tan casual pants
  • Navy or grey dress pants
  • Navy walking short

Additional Female Options

  • White French-cut blouse
  • Plaid kilt (with dark pantyhose or tights)
  • Navy skirt

All shirts and sweaters include the GLCHS logo. Footwear must have a strap fully around the foot and have a non-marking sole. A belt is required with uniform pants. For a full list of dress code requirements please refer to our Student Handbook.